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Vacuum Cooler

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Vacuum Cooler

What is vacuum cooling?

Vacuum cooling is the quickest and most cost-efficient cooling system for vegetables,flowers,meats and cooked foods in the vacuum chamber. The vacuum cooling teachnology,which can them by vacuum pump. When the vacuum degree of chamber reaches the saturated pressure of water vapor corresponding to the tempetature of produce,the water in the surface clearance of produce like fruits and vegetables start to vapor, and the evaporation will bring away heat so as to lower the temperature of produce.Further lower the pressure to reach the needed cooling temperature of produce.


Vacuum cooling features

Retain freshness and nutrition.

Prolong preservation time and shelf-life.

Fast cooling speed and uniform cooling,normal 20 to 30 minutes cooling duration for each cycle.

Restrain and kill bacteria and animalcule,no pollution.

Evaporated water is about 2 to 3% of total goods weight,no partial dry shrink.

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    CE Certification Vacuum Cooler Machine for Flowers/Vegetables    

CE Certification Vacuum Cooler Machine for Flowers/Vegetables